Why yoga?

Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons. Whether to increase flexibility, stretch, or for a full-body workout, or to heal from injuries. I recommend it for everyone. It can be relaxing and helpful to both the body and mind. Everyone should have a personal experience with themselves and yoga is a great way to experience that connection. You can come to your mat to mediate, to stretch or you can move through a flow. It is all a personal practice and have an opened mind. Yoga is a practice and patience is key. For me, it has become a loving passion, a lifestyle and I hope to share that with my students.

You will need a mat, towel, water and possibly some props, such as a block or strap. Check out a few different hot yoga mats through Lululemon, Manduka, Alo, + Liforme, they have a variety of options designed for hot yoga and well worth the investment. Please reach out if you would like any suggestions.

What you need?


Vinyasa Power Flow vs. Vinyasa Flow are very similar in regards to continuously moving for 60 to 75 mins. I provide a break down of a typical vinyasa flow, which means breath-synchronized movement. We will work through a series of poses called Sun Salutations, and move from one posture to the next. It is because of this smooth movement that you may also hear vinyasa called a flow.

Vinyasa classes can be different with every yoga teacher, depending on their specific training. Each class and instructor creates a different feeling in their class, and you may feel emotional, energetic or relaxed after each class, depending on your body and the poses you practiced during your class.

Power Vinyasa simply means, it can be more challenging, but necessarily “fast” or “hard.” Moving with your breath can increase the speed and flow at with you move from posture to posture.


Namaste simply means: my soul honors your soul, I honor the place where you are in the universe. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is in all of us. In sharing these things, unites us, we are one, we are the same and together in this universe. I believe it is a nice way to end a yoga practice with prayer hands at heart’s center. I bow to you and your yoga practice.

What should I expect during your classes?

Heated classes are designed for you to become more open in your muscles + joints & burn calories while detoxing. You will have a low impact strengthening class, while moving with your breathe. I hope you will gain a sense of peace within yourself and feel good while I guide you through different shapes. Even if you have never tried yoga, you will feel different after each class.


OM is a sound, and has been known to open or close yoga classes because it represents the universe and how we coexist here in the crazy world. Also, we recognize our community and gain a sense of peace as we begin or end a yoga practice. We are not a religion or cult, we believe in just being and being present in the moment. Humming, singing and chanting have also been known to calm the body and mind.

what inspired you to become teacher?

Honestly, I thought it would be a great BS class in college to get an easy A… Come to find out, it was tremendously helpful in dealing with stress. Now, ten years later, I’m guiding others. Life became harder for me in 2015, and somehow I tried a hot power studio. It was life changing. I fell in love with the community, feeling people’s energy, sweating together + great music. Eventually, I was able to get out of my own head too. Thank you Highland Yoga. I fell in love with their business model, instructors, and the owner. I had everything I needed out of a class. Some classes even made me more emotional, that’s when I knew yoga was working for me. Even if I was in a room of strangers, I felt at home, connected to something larger than myself, comfortable within my body and didn’t care what I looked like or if I was balling my eyes out in half - pigeon.